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Governance Risk Management Compliance

Modus Consulting offers Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) solutions, configurable to support specific vertical market as well as company requirements. 

Some of these configurations are already setup for markets such as manufacturing, services, banking, insurance, health and their own standards but they can be adapted to specific user needs.

Know How

Modus Consulting provides the competencies to understand the impact of the IT solution on the efficacy and the efficiency of the internal processes and the improvement opportunities, as well as the skills required to the proper configuration and the set-up/development of the integration with the other components of the company IT system.

Software Cloud per la Gestione dei Processi


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ProcessFrame includes the functional components which are common to all GRC systems, supporting the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) model through workflows and specialized forms, elaboration of risk indexes, audit support, document management and control, statistical analysis, deadline management.


Strong Configurability

All forms and workflows can be configured to support various standards and rules, either external or internal to the organization.

Companies can fulfill their compliance requirements and at same time minimize the changes to their current practices, reducing training time and the impact on the existing processes.